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Unlock the Gates to Zion.

Join the Automation Sentinel Movement and Free Yourself from Social Construct, Economic and Income Inequality. The only dropshipping program that can earn your Amazon store up to 4x more than your average Automation system!

What is the Key to Zion?


Key to Zion is Walmart to Amazon Dropshipping on steriods! Through our program we can build your amazon store to earn 4x more Profit in half of the time it will take any other automation system online. Hands down, we are the best! Automation Sentinel is your gate way to freedom and the key holder  to gaining control over your financial journey. We exist solely to unlock you from your shackles of social and economic construct with the most efficient,effective, and realistic Amazon Automation program that you will ever find. We are straight forward and have one goal in mind -to Make you successful! Gain full benefits with Key to Zion and watch everything that you ever wanted in life come into fruition.

One of our favorite quotes:"Teach a person to fish and they will never go hungry".  Automation Sentinel is all about knowledge being the key to success.We also offer one on one consultation and Training programs for those who would like to be more hands on.Sentinel is here to teach and do the work for you. We want you to have a hands off experience but also teach you if you are willing to learn. Hence why you will never see us flashing photos of sports cars,vacations, and rented mansions. We are not looking to be your travel agent or realtor; we are strictly here to make you money without the unnecessary fluff! Once you are making $100k + per month through our Automation system, you can spend that money as you please. With our expertise, we offer the following services:

  • Product Research, Daily Listing; 

  • Inventory Management;

  • Order Processing;

  • Order Tracking & Returns;

  • Customer Service ;

  • Repricing, A-Z Claims, Charge backs, Return Request; 

  • Unlimited Amazon Feedbacks (free)

  • We Cover Legal  Cost

  • Free Account Replacements


Sentinel is a USA based company with over 15 years experience on Amazon, as well as many other third-party seller websites. Our  extensive experience include drop shipping, private labeling, trademarked, and patented products that bring in hundreds of thousands in revenue monthly.  Sellers have known us for years for other related services on Here is a fun fact. Many well known Automation program providers who advertise on google and YouTube use our Auction Sentinel services consistently for their own programs. Behind the scenes we handle their suspension appeals, create their Stealth Accounts and build up their ODR through our feedback services. This is your opportunity to connect directly with Automation Sentinel,  the backbone to Amazon Automation. 




Choose Your Path

With anything life has to offer, there are qualifications required.This is the part where you have to choose your destiny.Red pill or the Blue pill.The path to success is never easy,however we will hold your hand while we lay out the exact steps for you to follow.Results will vary depending on how you choose to start off.Typically clients who have more funds to work with upfront will  see faster results than clients who started with less.Our goal is to get every clients store regardless of how much funds you started with to 100 k + profit per month.This is not a get rich quick scheme ,this is a business venture and a proven path to success. 

  • Before you can run a $100k per month store successfully, you must have up to $40,000-$50,000 total on 1 or mulitple credit cards. It pays if the card has 2 percent or more cashback. 

  • Your store must be registered as a US business entity such as an LLC, DBA, or corporation. You may need to consult a CPA or tax lawyer to understand the legal and tax implications of these entities.

  • You will have to obtain a reseller permit. Once you filed for US business entity, getting a permit is easy. Don't worry, sign up and we'll hold your hand through the process.

  • You have to obtain a Tax Exempt status on Walmart. It may sound complicated and overwhelming, but trust us, we will guide you all the way once you sign up.

  • Obtain an Amazon account. While you can start with a new account, an aged account with excellent performance metrics and positive reviews offers the best results. 




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Access The Knowledge Necessary Before Beginning The Journey


How much do I need to run the $100k per month?

You'll need capital in the range of $40,000-$50,000 total on 1 or multiple cards. A credit card with this amount and 2 percent cash back or more is ideal.

Must I provide all the capital upfront?

No you do not, you can start with as little as $10-15k for the first few months your store is up. Of course it is better if you could start with more,because we need to be able to afford products as they are listed and sold.But we are here to work with what you can afford.Understand that your results will be slower starting with less funds ,but we will get you to the same profit as everyone in our system.

What do I do regarding the store's everyday operations?

NOTHING! You only pay us for service rendered, and this is based on the performance of your store.

Am I going to pay for other things every month?

Starting out, the only monthly fee you'll pay is $300 so that our team can continue growing your store in a proper manner. Once your store starts profiting, anything "under" $1,000 net profit from your store, you'll only pay the team $300 a month. Anything "over" $1,000+ a month net profit, you'll pay our team 35% of your store net profit.

What is the profit margin if I make $100k per month in sales?

You earn a 70 per cent cut of the profits.

Do I have to stay in touch every day?

That will not be necessary, except you choose to. You have absolute control over your business. You can even opt out of the service, but this is usually not the case.

What if the account is suspended?

We follow a strict professional ethos that makes our suspension rate one of the lowest. We don't proliferate our stores with every type of product to avoid claims and issues. If any problem comes up, we will collaborate with you to bring your store back online within the shortest time possible.

How do we receive payment?

Our preferred method of payment is Wire, PayPal or Payoneer.

Can you deduct our costs as a business expense?

Yes, you can! Most of our staff are overseas, making it legal for you to write off the cost of hiring them as businesses expenses.

Do I need to hire an employee, train or terminate their appointments?

You won't’ be doing any of that. We are responsible for the staffing. You can relax and cash your check as they roll in

How many of your clients do over $100k per month?

We have several clients who hit over $100,000 to $200,000 per month in sales every month.



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