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Unlock the Gates to Zion

Join the Automation Sentinel Movement and Free Yourself from Social Construct, Economic and Income Inequality. The only dropshipping program that can earn your Amazon store up to 4x more than your average Automation system!

What is the Key to Zion?


Key to Zion is Walmart to Amazon Dropshipping on steriods! Through our program we can build your amazon store to earn 4x more Profit in half of the time it will take any other automation system online. Hands down, we are the best! Automation Sentinel is your gate way to freedom and the key holder  to gaining control over your financial journey. We exist solely to unlock you from your shackles of social and economic construct with the most efficient,effective, and realistic Amazon Automation program that you will ever find. We are straight forward and have one goal in mind -to Make you successful! Gain full benefits with Key to Zion and watch everything that you ever wanted in life come into fruition.

One of our favorite quotes:"Teach a person to fish and they will never go hungry".  Automation Sentinel is all about knowledge being the key to success.We also offer one on one consultation and Training programs for those who would like to be more hands on.Sentinel is here to teach and do the work for you. We want you to have a hands off experience but also teach you if you are willing to learn. Hence why you will never see us flashing photos of sports cars,vacations, and rented mansions. We are not looking to be your travel agent or realtor; we are strictly here to make you money without the unnecessary fluff! Once you are making $100k + per month through our Automation system, you can spend that money as you please. With our expertise, we offer the following services:

  • Product Research, Daily Listing

  • Rule of two Suspension Prevention System: 2 Seller Accounts at all times

  • Inventory Management;

  • Order Processing;

  • Order Tracking & Returns;

  • Customer Service ;

  • Repricing, A-Z Claims, Charge backs, Return Request; 

  • Unlimited Amazon Feedbacks (free)

  • 15 percent discount on

  • We Cover Legal  Cost

  • Free Account Replacements


Sentinel is a USA based company with over 15 years experience on Amazon, as well as many other third-party seller websites. Our  extensive experience include drop shipping, private labeling, trademarked, and patented products that bring in hundreds of thousands in revenue monthly.  Sellers have known us for years for other related services on Here is a fun fact. Many well known Automation program providers who advertise on google and YouTube use our Auction Sentinel services consistently for their own programs. Behind the scenes we handle their suspension appeals, create their Stealth Accounts and build up their ODR through our feedback services. This is your opportunity to connect directly with Automation Sentinel,  the backbone to Amazon Automation. 




Choose Your Path

With anything life has to offer, there are qualifications required. This is the part where you have to choose your destiny. Red pill or the Blue pill. The path to success is never easy, however we will hold your hand while we lay out the exact steps for you to follow. Results will vary depending on how you choose to start off. Typically clients who have more funds to work with upfront will  see faster results than clients who started with less. Its obvious that the more funds you begin with then the more product your store can afford to sell. Our goal is to get every clients store regardless of how much funds you started with to anywhere between $30-$100 k  profit per month. This is not a get rich quick scheme ,this is a business venture and a proven path to success. Even though joining the Sentinel movement has its unfair advantages over the market always remember everything good takes a little time.


  • Your store must be registered as a US business entity such as an LLC, DBA, or corporation. You may need to consult a CPA or tax lawyer to understand the legal and tax implications of these entities.

  • You will have to obtain a reseller permit. Once you filed for US business entity, getting a permit is easy. Don't worry, sign up and we'll hold your hand through the process.

  • You have to obtain a Tax Exempt status on Walmart. If you have your business documents together then this is a very simple process. We will hold your hand through it

  • Obtain an Amazon account. is the #1 provider of amazon stealth accounts online. Google us, we literally come up on most results that involve buying Amazon seller accounts. We will help you get one open ,this will be the easiest part of the whole process.

  • Before you can run a $30k-$100k per month store successfully, you must have up to $15,000-$30,000 total as a wallet. Its not necessary to use a credit card. If you don't have one its ok. However It pays if you use a card which has a 2 percent or more cashback. 





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Access The Knowledge Necessary Before Beginning The Journey


How much does it cost to join Key to Zion: Amazon Automation?

There is a $30,000 buy in to join this program. Every Automation program online thats worth your time will have a buy in fee.These programs are not meant for everyone. You're buying into 15 years of our experience and access to our resources.As much as you are choosing to work with us we are also choosing to work with you.Because a business relationship is a 2 way street. Besides the fact that your ROI is going to be much larger then the initial fees and you will make this back,these buy in fee's are put in place to seperate the serious from the facetious.

How long does it take to make the $30,000 back?

No more then 5-7 months max. This is Amazon we are talking about,im sure you read about them. There are people selling on amazon doing $30k or more per week. Making back this money is the easy part. The biggest thing you need to worry about with joining these Amazon Automation programs is your account getting suspended before you make the investment back. Of course we have a answer for that as well.

What do I do regarding the store's everyday operations?

Once the store is up and going there is absolutly nothing you need to do .If your curious about how things work ,you can always ask us questions. Teaching is our favorite part. The only thing you are soley responsible for is your own accounting. You may want to get a CPA if your not use to counting this kind of money monthly. Every month we will send you a spreadsheet of expenses and profits.

What are the profit splits?

There is a 75% (You) ,25% (Us) split. Amazon Automation programs are like buying into a franchise. When you buy in to a program like this youre paying for our 15 years of experience to do this correct for you the first time and make you money in return. We are not your employees ,we are now your business partners. Keep in mind Automation Sentinel is offering key bennefits for free that other Automation services cant .Other Automation programs utilize us at to stablize their amazon accounts .Wouldnt it be interesting if you joined another companies program and at some point they send you to Auction Sentinel for our services? Yes it happens frequently. Why not just join the company dirrectly who really runs this market.

What should my biggest concern be joining an Amazon Automation program?

Your biggest concern with any Amazon Automation program should be whether your account will survive without a suspension.Its guarenteed your going to make money on Amazon.The question is can you make the money you invested back before a suspension happens? Amazon is a very nit picky marketplace to sell on.They can be down right ruthless to sellers if you dont know what your doing.This is one of the reasons people partner with automation companies.We know how to scale up a amazon account without setting off red flags. Amazon doesnt allow you to make more then one amazon seller account per house hold.So if you get suspended your pretty much done for life.They will flag new accounts you attempt to make after.And trust us they are very good at finding out.

Do I have to stay in touch everyday?

If you want to ,were cool company to keep. But the day to day opperations wont require you to be hands on. So feel free to live your normal life,we'll be here consistently sending you reports and updates.

What if the Amazon Account is suspended?

Lets start off by saying that something like this is very rare to happen to anyone in our program. We have a hold over two major services that control the Amazon automation world. Amazon Stealth accounts and Amazon Account Feedback, you can google These are two major things you need in-order to be sucessful in Amazon Automation. Stealth accounts are created as back up stores which dont link. Incase Amazon shuts down one account,we can easily set up you up a new store with out it relating. This is a very hard task for many companies because of amazon having the advance technology to track their users. Fornunately you would be working with the company who helped write the book and most content you find google about creating amazon stealth accounts. You get this wisdom free as long as your with Key to Zion. Amazon Feedback is the key to scaling up your store profits without getting amazon to flag your account.Feedback are ratings you recieve from customers regarding the stores performance as a seller. Its required by amazon that you recieve feedback consistently and at a ratio which makes sense for your current sales. for example every 10 sales amazon would want to see 2 -3 customers leave you a positive reveiw. Recieving negative feedbacks will also hurt your account. Slacking on this is what gets alot of dropshippers suspended. A lot of automation companies want to scale up your stores profits with out building the accounts reputation first. This is what leads to flags ,suspensions, or the infamous invoice review. Auction Sentinel is the only company online capable of safely minipulating amazon feedback system. We can build up your accounts reputation also know as ODR manually. We build it up so high so that when we scale up the sales amazon never flags us. We been doing this at for over 13 years for ourselves and many sellers stores. While your competitors pay for it,you will get it for free.

Do you need an aged amazon account inorder to sucessfully do dropshipping?

Short answer is no. Long answer is hell no! Shame on whoever decided to spread this lie.At most an aged Amazon account may give you a 2-3 month head start over a brand new account. There is absolutly no need to pay 5k plus for that. The myth is that an aged account will not get flagged by amazon when you start to scale up sales.This is not true.Visit ,we are the only company on the internet with the ability to manually boost your seller performance score. provides services for 75 percent of the amazon automation industry. We handle their ODR repair, suspension appeals ,and occasional stealth accounts.We get to see first hand just how effective aged accounts actually hold up against retail arbitrage. The price you pay for one of those isnt worth the results.

Is Amazon Automation a Scam?

Anything can be a turned into a scam if you choose to do it with the wrong people. Amazon Automation in general is not a scam,unfortunately there are companies who lie about their level of expertise in this market. You end up sending them X amount of money to run your store and then all of sudden problems occur which they dont know how to properly resolve. You dont want to join a company without solutions set in place. Here is a tip.If your going to join a automation company. Do not focus all your questions on how much money you will get out of this. A lot of your concerns should go to making sure this automation team can solve known issues that occur while being a amazon seller. You can't sell anything if they lose your account, so how will you make back your investment money?

Do I need to hire or train staff?

No you do not need to do anything like that. Thats the purpose of using automation programs like ours. We already have the trained teams!

Where are Sentinel offices located?

Our offices are in both Boston and Rhode Island. Your probably wondering if we are real people.The answer is yes. We are just not fans of flashly marketing ,or showing off luxary cars infront of rented mansions.Its not our style.We have no problem with meeting our clients face to face if you require that kind of audiance. Just ask!

What is the Rule of Two Suspension Prevention System?

Key to Zion Automation has a system in place called the rule of two. It means that at all times we will build your automation up from 2 stores. This is a way we can reduce risk by not adding too many eggs to the same basket as well as being able to scale up much faster without raising flags from Amazon. Hypothetically speaking, If one account goes down you'll have another running while we work on your appeal or opening another. Auction Sentinel is the number 1 supplier of Amazon stealth services online. We handle amazon suspension issues while we sleep. Suspensions on amazon happen sometimes, that's something you have to know. But we made a very well known reputation for being able to deal with that for thousands of clients.




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